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  • Men’s Journal

    Men’s Journal

    We recently sat down and had a long discussion with our friends at Men’s Journal, to talk about the state of sustainability in snowboarding now, where we’ve been in the past, and what awaits us all in the future. Our entire focus as a brand is centered around these subjects, so we certainly had a…

  • Coronavirus Impacts on Niche

    Coronavirus Impacts on Niche

    Hello Niche friends and family! We hope all of you are well and that you’ve been having a fantastic summer, despite the hindrances we are all undoubtedly experiencing.  In our neck of the woods, we have been cranking all summer, trying to prepare for what we expect to be a fantastic winter! We have some basic apparel coming,…

  • Breaking Ground: 17/18 Theme

    Breaking Ground: 17/18 Theme

    So, we’ve been saying something for years and feel like we finally have the perfect opportunity to highlight our point: you don’t have to sacrifice quality or performance in order to make something more environmentally friendly. And sometimes, those more sustainable choices actually enhance your product’s performance! Enter, the 2017/18 Theme. The 2017/18 Theme is the outcome of…