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Team Faves

Hello Niche friends and family! We hope all of you are well and that you’ve been having a fantastic summer, despite the hindrances we are all undoubtedly experiencing. 

In our neck of the woods, we have been cranking all summer, trying to prepare for what we expect to be a fantastic winter! We have some basic apparel coming, the new website is up and running, and boards shipping very very soon! Which is therefore why we need to inform all of you of some rather unfortunate, but understandable impacts that the Coronavirus has had on our business.

Initially, we were planning to receive our shipment in mid to late September. Due to global coronavirus-related shipping delays, it looks like there may be a slight delay of about 2 weeks or so from the factory, which puts us with goods shipping from the factory out to each respective country, at the end of September/beginning of October.

Now for the other coronavirus-related note. We were unfortunately given the news recently, that one of our raw materials had a more significant delay: Recyclamine. This means that unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee for this season only that ALL of our goods will have Recyclamine in them. If we delayed production further, we would have been able to accommodate Recyclamine into the entire product line, however given the difficult season we had last year, we felt it was important to get the goods out to you all in a timely manner, and work on rebuilding trust with all our customers and retailers in terms of our ability to deliver. Because of this, we have removed the Recyclamine labeling on these products, due to our inability to guarantee that they were all made with the full zero waste technology. That being said, all other eco-friendly and sustainable materials and production practices we have come to be known for were used, including bio resins, which are utilizing waste streams to create new products, which is amazing! On top of this, we are committing to still reclaiming all goods from this season, and ensuring that nothing ends up in a landfill, regardless, thus maintaining our zero-waste commitment. And there should be no issues with getting our FULL zero-waste technology back on track for the next set of sample products and beyond!

We feel it is very important to be forthcoming and transparent with the world about this unfortunate coronavirus impact. Niche is still a leader in sustainable technology and will be back on track with ALL supply chains by the end of this month, and for all future production.

Please let us know if you have any questions whatsoever, and how we can help navigate through these wild times, together!

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