Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right size snowboard for you can be confusing and complicated. The range of possibilities can make it challenging to get a good general idea of what to look for. In general, a good starting point to look for in board height can be from your collar bones to the top of your nose, however the specific details for each model of snowboard might change a general recommendation for a few reasons! In general, a good starting point to look for in board height can be from your collar bones to the top of your nose. We encourage you to reach out to us for more detailed and specific recommendations per model, however, you can begin by reviewing our SIZE GUIDE page.

The easiest boards for beginners among the Niche lineup are the Wraith and Minx. These models are flat or nearly flat camber, which makes them less likely to catch an edge. They are soft and easy to initiate turns with, and they are true twins, making directionality a bit more fluid as you learn. Anyone can learn to ride on any snowboard, however these features/specifications make the learning curve a little less challenging!

Niche does not have 3D bases, so standard stone/base grinds are perfectly safe to have a shop perform.

The standard factory edge tune is around 90° so you are able to fine tune as you prefer! Traction bumps do not require anything special; they are a natural part of the curvature of the sidecut itself.

All our boards come with a standard factory wax/tune and are ready to ride right out of the box!

Yes! We Recommend checking out Spiral Wax Co. (super eco-friendly) and Booger Red’s Wax (black-owned business).

Reference stance is the stance location that the dimensions of a given model/size board are designed around. Generally speaking for our boards, this is the center point inside the insert packs. With your bindings set on the Reference Stance you are positioned with the intended stance setback relative to the effective edge. If you prefer a narrower or wider stance than the Reference Stance, you must move each binding in or out the same amount of holes.

Sometimes, yes! The best place to look first is going to be on the Niche Amazon store