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Team Faves

So, we’ve been saying something for years and feel like we finally have the perfect opportunity to highlight our point: you don’t have to sacrifice quality or performance in order to make something more environmentally friendly. And sometimes, those more sustainable choices actually enhance your product’s performance!

Enter, the 2017/18 Theme.

The 2017/18 Theme is the outcome of a more than 3-year project to create the world’s first zero-waste, fully recyclable snowboard. This was a massive undertaking which we are thrilled to finally bring to our customers! On top of this accomplishment, we are ecstatic to announce that in its inaugural launch, the Theme has also been awarded a 2018 Good Wood Award from Transworld Snowboarding!! This feels like a monumental accomplishment for us, and a well deserved stamp of approval. The Theme is not only the most environmentally sustainable snowboard on the market (a claim we don’t make lightly!) but the thing absolutely rips, too.

Here is what Transworld had to say about the new Theme:

“It does whatever you ask of it—jumps, jibs, or turns,”

“It does whatever you ask of it—jumps, jibs, or turns,” explained one such satisfied Transworld tester, adding that, “It could be a quiver killer.” We couldn’t agree more. We feel like the Theme is something that lets you turn the entire mountain into your own personal playground. With a camber-dominant profile, you can feel confident knowing you have a solid set of landing gear for hitting anything from jumps to cliff drops, and rip turns through virtually any snow conditions.

The Theme could truly be the total package. A product we feel showcases everything Niche is about, in one singular snowboard. The most sustainably made snowboard in history, and absolute blast to ride, and on top of it all, beautiful to look at.

Stay tuned for more details about the Recyclamine technology featured in the 2018 Theme, along with an amazing film project we’re putting together with our friends at Lux Nova and in partnership with Connora Technologies. Until then, visit your local snowboard shop to check out the new Theme in person for yourself!

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