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We recently sat down and had a long discussion with our friends at Men’s Journal, to talk about the state of sustainability in snowboarding now, where we’ve been in the past, and what awaits us all in the future. Our entire focus as a brand is centered around these subjects, so we certainly had a lot of opinions, insight, and hopes for how we can all come together and do better.

“It’s one thing for companies to transition to bioresins to reduce their environmental impact, but moving toward fully recyclable technologies that allow for zero-waste manufacturing is a groundbreaking technology that has the capacity to change the world,” said Van Pelt.

“Ultimately, if we’re going to keep boards out of the landfill, we need to band together,” Van Pelt says. “We’re a very, very small fish in a multi-billion dollar business—and we can’t do it alone.”

We have spoken about these subjects often and openly, as seen here at the 2018 Shred Talks in Jackson Hole, WY:

Check out the full story, HERE, and see what we had to say about the state of the industry as a whole, where we’ve been, where we’re headed, and how we think we can all be doing better. Thank you to our friends at Men’s Journal for taking the time to chat with us about such an important topic!

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