Welcome to the 10th Anniversary of Niche

For the past ten years, Niche Snowboards has worked tirelessly to bring our initial vision and goals to life. To prove that it was possible to make more sustainably built snowboards. To push the boundaries of environmentally friendly construction. And to continue to push ourselves forward, knowing that we can continue to do better.

In the time since we started, so much has changed in our own lives, and across the snowboard industry as a whole. We’ve started families, welcomed new babies and said goodbye to loved ones. We’ve had adventures traveling all over the world, met so many incredible people through snowboarding, and built memories that will last a lifetime. We have seen the influence of our efforts reflected on the snowboard industry, we brought the world’s first zero-waste snowboards to the market, and we look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible to make the snowboard industry a better place.

For our tenth anniversary edition of goods this year, we are excited to offer a limited edition release of some of our most beloved graphics, each of which have received fresh updates, refinements, remixes, and previously unseen versions and pieces of work from the last ten years of Niche. Not everything we are proud of is included, but a few highlights that were particularly special and important to who Niche, and we, have grown from, and into.

Thank you for all the support, love, understanding, patience and kindness you’ve shown Niche Snowboards through all the ups and down the last decade has brought. We look forward to many, many more adventures with all of you, progression of our business, and to coninue to build, shape and influence the industry in as many positive ways as we are able. Thank you for being by our side through all of it.


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