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  • Unseen Basement Tapes

    Unseen Basement Tapes

    Previously unseen footage, gathered in a dark basement somewhere in the Freetown-Fall River State Forest, Massachusetts… The Freetown State Forest sits smack dab in the “Bridgewater Triangle,” an area in southeastern Massachusetts swarming with paranormal activity—roaming specters, UFO encounters, and even Bigfoot sightings. Some believe that the forest’s haunted history dates back to colonial times,…

  • Wallpaper Wednesday #2

    Wallpaper Wednesday #2

    Hello friends and happy Wednesday! Welcome to another free downloads day, where we put together a few phone and computer wallpaper backgrounds for you to download and use! Let’s beautify your digital experiences, and enjoy some of our favorite Niche snowboard graphics in a new format! For our second Wallpaper Wednesday downloads, we are offering…

  • Wallpaper Download: Jellyfish

    Wallpaper Download: Jellyfish

    Looking for new wallpaper for your phone or laptop? Feel free to download these original pieces from some of our snowboard top sheet graphics. This week’s download features the bioluminescent jellyfish artwork from the 2019/20 Minx graphic, created by Niche’s Creative Director! Jellyfish Wallpaper 1: 1792×1120 Jellyfish Wallpaper 2: 1792×1120

  • 10 Years of: a Niche Graphic History Celebration

    10 Years of: a Niche Graphic History Celebration

    Art and design are huge passions of ours here at Niche, and over the last 10 years, we have poured an immeasurable amount of love, thought, care, creativity and depth into each of our board graphics. Each one has a backstory, symbolism, and purpose built into it in layers upon layers. This season, with our…