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This season we are beyond proud to announce the launch of a super ultra special partnership with our dear friend, the female Indiana Jones: Alison Teal! We know what you’re thinking… just who is Alison Teal and what makes her so forking special? This globe trotting surfer is one of the most fascinating eco warriors we’ve ever met, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to her! Raised by two legendary adventure pioneer parents who were photographers for things like National Geographic, and world-renown naturalist yoga instructors, this wild Tarzan child grew up in the most remote and fascinating corners of the planet, all while trotting around in her signature eco-friendly pick attire. To learn a bit more about her, check out this quick look into what makes her so darn fascinating, exciting, and all around awesome.

Alison’s positivity is infectious, as seen in so many of her projects, including this snowboard adventure in Switzerland, taking some killer laps with legendary snowboarder Frederik Kalbermatten!

For our partnership this year, we’ve turned her signature pink surfboard into a snowboard! The special mythical mariner map graphic is full of all kinds of fun details, and has an adventure-themed base. Check out the Alison’s Adventures signature Sonnet, HERE, and have fun exploring all things Alison including her many fun films from around the world, HERE!


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