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Read the full story about this project from the creators themselves on Snooze Global!

We would like to welcome ourselves back to the world beyond our manufacturing, and present you with a project that truly captures the heart and soul of who we are, the kind of people the Niche family consists of, and what snowboarding is all about.

Filmed entirely on super 8, in the harsh Quebec winter, ONLY USING BICYCLES for transportation, and featuring a completely original soundtrack from the creators themselves…. This human-powered snowboard film is unique, fun, creative, and about as sustainable as it gets. A bicycle tempo means it was fast enough to be productive, but slow enough to appreciate it. We are honored to present this film, and grateful for all the hard work from Niche rider Philippe Trifiro-Riendeau and his crew.

We often get bogged down by everything that goes into running our business. All the hardships, stress, and not so fun tasks that go into making our business operate. And then, we get the opportunity to be reminded of why we started this business in the first place; projects like A Bicycle Tempo. Ones that restore our passion for what we are doing; that drive us to continue to push forward and keep making things that are good. 

a bicycle tempo

This film is short, but beautiful. Creative, passionate, and full of the heart and soul of what makes snowboarding so purely blissful and positive to begin with. And this crew of guys are so good hearted, it hurts. We appreciate all their hard work, creativity, passion, and drive to create something so special and unique. The kind of things that drive us all to be better, to appreciate every precious moment, and to let go of the stresses, fears and pressure that exists around us. To appreciate living slow, and the most valuable asset any of us will ever possess: time

People helping people. After all, what more do we have but to embrace, bring and share more love, kindness and care into our own humanity?

Emile Trifiro-Riendeau: Guitar, Piano, Bass, Synthesizer, Glockenspiel
Philippe Trifiro-Riendeau: Drums

Filmed by: Emile Trifiro-Riendeau @trifiroriendeau
Pictures: @willlet , @agrume33 , @samdlevesque
Super 8: @agrume33
Helpers: William Letourneau, Olivier Dion, Benjamin Larue, Joé Gravel and Samuel D. Lévesque.

Presented by: @nichesnowboards
Supported by: FIX Bindings , @50boardshop , @ecg_gloves

a bicycle tempo

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