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Get carve-y and turn the entire mountain into your own personal playground. Insane amounts of pop and a stellar set of landing gear.

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The Crux is an awesome all-mountain twin and your new secret weapon. With a directional twin shape, centered stance and medium flex, it will take your freestyle skills to the next level. The camber dominant profile gives you more pop than you’ll know what to do with, basalt stringers ensure your ride will be stable, smooth, and crazy lightweight. If you’re looking for a snappy, cambered twin companion that can go anywhere from the park to the rest of the mountain, the Crux is the best of all worlds.

Please note: Alternate base color schemes are used to avoid extra plastic base material waste during production! Base colors vary between grey and black. Base colors may not always be guaranteed, however we do our best to honor any special requests.

Tech Specs

150 cm 1144 mm 7400 mm 250 mm 560
153 cm 1174 mm 7550 mm 252 mm 560
156 cm 1204 mm 7700 mm 254 mm 560
159 cm 1230 mm 7800 mm 256 mm 560

1 review for Crux

  1. Jake M

    An absolute stunner, and what cemented my love for Niche.

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Traditional camber with a flatter mid-section. Provides more stability, tons of pop, and responsive edge control.


Supple yet snappy. True twin flex for presses and pop.


Extra edge contact points to give your board more edge control and stability, especially in icy conditions.


A replacement for carbon fiber with similar characteristics; Basalt Stringers in a ‘X’ shape move outwards from the binding areas to distribute energy towards the contact points for extra pop, improved torsional snapback, smoother carving and stability at speed by dampening those nasty vibrations.

directional twin, centered stance

A small difference on the nose for a bit of extra lift on deeper snow days, with maintained flexibility for riding switch, spinning and minimizing swing weight. ideal for all-mountain freestyle riding and park.

All-Mountain Freestyle

Turn the entire mountain into your own personal playground with this directional twin. Tons of pop, good carving, and a stellar set of landing gear.

Finding the right size snowboard for you can be confusing and complicated. The range of possibilities can make it challenging to get a good general idea of what to look for, however the specific details for each model of snowboard might change a general recommendation for a few reasons! Waist width, effective edge profiles, etc. Please feel free to use this initial guide below, but we encourage you to reach out to us for more detailed and specific recommendations per model.

4’10”14785 – 110128 – 136
5′15290 – 130133 – 143
5’2″158100 – 140139 – 149
5’4″163115 – 150143 -152
5’6″168120 – 160145 -153
5’8″173125 – 170149 -156
5’10”178135 – 180153 – 160
6′183150 – 185156 – 160+
6’2″188160 – 195160+


Multi-Angle Toe Strap

Standard on all Fix Bindings. Use over the toes or as a toe cap. Stretches to fit your boot.

Tool Free

You shouldn’t need to carry tools around to adjust your strap length. Tool free adjustability on all our bindings.

Extruded Aluminum Heelcup

Provides unparalleled strength and rigidity and can be slid in-and-out.

Ultralight Injected Straps

Stretches as you tighten, evenly distributing the pressure & eliminating pressure points. Lightweight performance.

Urethane Dampening Pad

Dampen vibrations, prevent board breakage and make for a silky smooth ride.

Made proudly with our friends at FIX

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