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Snappy Sap™ Bio Resin

is more elastic than traditional resins and creates a more snappy and responsive ride!

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What Our Customers are Saying

The Niche Story 2.0 is the best all mountain board I’ve ridden. it’s super stable at high speeds, has tons of pop, and the magnetraction cuts through bomber snow conditions. love the bamboo topsheet along with the rest of the eco friendly specs!

Grant Bowen

Snowboard Green

Whatever Niche is doing with their HempHop stringers is amazeballs. The Niche Knew is a surprisingly serviceable all-around board so don’t pigeonhole it as a “park” only board. Versatile enough for someone who is spending 50%+ of time in the park but still dabbles on the rest of the mountain and is looking for a one board quiver.

David Zemens


Our tester loved the control that the Crew’s underfoot reverse camber provided, and the Magnetraction edges, which cut like a serrated knife into icy snow. “Best control of any board we’ve got out here,” he said. “It’s a great board no matter what we’re riding.” We hiked it into the backcountry and it floated over powder. We hit features in the park, and the deck gave plenty of pop and stuck landings like a champ. “It’s the board you take out when you don’t know the snow conditions,” our tester said. “Because it rides great on everything.”

Billy Brown

Gear Guru, Active Junky

There are plenty of board companies that boast their contribution to the industry and environment, as well as their familial persona. The list of who can actually back up their touts is lowered to a handful. But maybe just one can say they were founded with these ideals in mind. That one could be Niche Snowboards.

Josh Ruggles

Snowboard Magazine

Outside Magazine: Snowboard Graphics Process

When the folks over at Outside Magazine told us they wanted to do a story about the artwork on our snowboards, we were over-the-freaking-moon. Whitney Dreier from Outside Mag got together with our Creative Director to talk about the conceptualization phase, where her inspirations come from, and the process of how exactly graphics make it onto a snowboard!

Eco-Tip Tuesday #10: Cyber Monday

Winter isn’t the only thing that’s coming. Black Friday looms on the horizon along with a ton of smog from all those vehicles circling parking lots and filling up mall garages.  How can you help?  Do your shopping online!  Purchasing online is 15 times...

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