Our 2018/19 Line-up is not yet available for sale online. Check back Nov. 1st for more details

Team Niche

There are a lot of talented riders on this planet. We are happy to present to you a group of riders that we are proud to call our ambassadors. These ladies and ‘gents kill it out there on the daily, and we’ve got their back.

North American Team
  • Veroniqi Hanssen
    Veroniqi Hanssen Dutch Team Rider
  • Tristin Heiner
    Tristin Heiner US Team Rider
  • Yale Cousino
    Yale Cousino US Team Rider
  • Erika Vikander
    Erika Vikander US Team Rider
  • Johnny Hancheck
    Johnny Hancheck US Team Rider/Manager
  • Torrey Lyons
    Torrey Lyons US Team Rider
  • Derek Dennison
    Derek Dennison US Team Rider
  • Treyson Allen
    Treyson Allen US Team Rider
  • Everest Arnold
    Everest Arnold US Team Rider
  • Kayli Hendricks
    Kayli Hendricks US Team Rider
  • Justin Brisson
    Justin Brisson Canadian Team Rider
International Team
  • Veroniqi Hanssen
    Veroniqi Hanssen Dutch Team Rider
  • Midori Oatari
    Midori Oatari Japanese Team Rider
  • Joaquin Fischer
    Joaquin Fischer Chilean Team Rider
  • Iñaqui Irarrazaval
    Iñaqui Irarrazaval Chilean Team Rider

The Team in Action