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From icy runs to amazing pow days, the Story is a directional, all-mountain beast. The stiffened tail, Snappy Sap Bio-Resin and Basalt Stringers make for a lightweight, smooth and snappy ride.

6 out of 10

Stiff flex

Powerful, snappy and stable. Directional flex pattern.

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all-mountain dominance

A directional, aggressive, all-mountain slayer that cuts through any type of terrain with ease.

Multi Camber

The pop and edge control of regular camber with the float of reverse camber - and keeps presses stylish in the park too.

Stiff flex

Powerful, snappy and stable. Directional flex pattern. 7 of 10

Sintered Base

Fast, strong and smooth - like a good whiskey.

2yr Warranty.

We've got your back
  • camber medley, which gives you the benefits of reverse camber,while maintaining optimum pop and control
  • reverse camber between your feet, and camber zones extending to the contact points for a super loose, catch-free feel
  • Magne-traction
  • extra edge contact points to give your board more edge control and stability, especially in icy conditions
  • works like the serrated edge of a knife
  • fixes the ‘squirrely’ feel that reverse camber boards can have
  • Basalt stringers
  • used to replace carbon fiber because of its similar characteristics ...and it’s more eco friendly!
  • adds pop and stability
  • dampens vibrations
  • snappy sap™ bio-resin
  • more elastic and snappier than normal resin
  • dampens vibrations
  • extremely high adhesion properties to help keep your board from delaminating
  • digi-print topsheet
  • direct digital print, lacquer free, matte finish topsheet
  • Water Based Inks
  • non-toxic, solvent free, uv based inks
  • sustainable wood core
  • a combination of poplar, paulownia and bamboo
  • Flip Flop Bases
  • alternate color schemes are used to avoid extra plastic base material waste during production.
  • recycled base, sidewalls and edges
    Lengths Effective Edge sidecut Raduis waist width stance width
    156 1164 MM 7600 MM 258 MM 560 MM
    159 1194 MM 7774 MM 262 MM 560 MM
    162 1220 MM 7800 MM 265 MM 560 MM

    1 review for 18/19 Story

    1. Travis

      A few days ago I had the chance to ride a Niche snowboard the “Story” model for the first time curtesy of EcoLounge. Before I took it out the demo on its maiden ride I had an opportunity to speak to the rep Nick about the company and hear his personal take on the product, he ultimately convinced me to take out the Story from the lineup as it was his favorite and what a solid recommendation that was!
      So after a short ride up the hill to Bogus and a quick binding setup I was ready to ride the 159 CM directional camber rocker camber profile All Mtn setup. I paired the board with Arbor Cypress bindings and K2 Ender boots for the test. So from first glance it has an aggressive magna traction with a reasonably stiff flex. It was an extremely lightweight board for the size and a very interesting graphic. All of their graphics have a very good backstory and related to the planet with a geographical coordinates that correlates.
      With all that being said, it was off to the snow to rip some turns. Instantly I noticed the magna track and was able to ease off the pressure to get the board to cooperate. It had instant grip that inspired confidence on the morning firm snow. The board had amazing edge hold and given the conditions it was an extreme positive right off the bat. It inspired control and with that came speed. Had really good deep carved turns right into the first run. At speed the board had no chatter and pure edge hold. Took it to backside to find some soft snow and test float and off trail rideability. After a few laps I found fresh tracks on the face and that’s where the rest of demo time was spent with the board. It really floated well and had a nice pivot point. For as aggressive as the magna track was I expected a little edge catch here and there and that did not happen. In the shaded areas there was a lot of crust and the typical difference you might feel in the transition from shade to sun wasn’t even noticeable. It really ended up being the perfect board for the conditions. Responsive and light with a touch of being made as environmentally friendly as a snowboard can be made. I was overall impressed and looking to add one to the personal quiver.
      If you are in the market for a snowboard I highly recommend going to EcoLounge and taking one of the demo’s for a spin. Thanks Eco crew for letting me take it out! If you are an Instructor or SnowPro go in and talk to Eco and they’ll take care of ya!

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