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The 2017/18 season seems to be a pretty monumental one for us, heading into winter with not one, but TWO Good Wood Awards from Transworld Snowboarding! The second in the lineup to take home this prestigious badge of approval: the 2017/18 Story.

“With notable serration on its edges—MagneTraction is an understatement here—some riders were wary of the Story’s alibi. Turns out, all those extra contact points on this lightweight, hybrid camber stick came in quite handy in hairball scenarios, i.e. punching through pinched chutes or slamming on the brakes at the bottom.”

Here is what Transworld had to say about the 17/18 Niche Story:

“It handles everything, and despite looking like overkill, the edges held and performed,” said one admittedly skeptical tester. He added by  describing this as “one of the most fun, all-around boards I’ve ridden.”

The Story is a champion of an all-mountain board in our opinion, but one that can seem intimidating at first glance. We often receive comments and questions about the very noticeable magnetraction on this model, however the way that it functions is actually less aggressive, and a bit more fluid in and out of turns. “This is a board that breaks tradition in favor or ingenuity,” Transworld states. The way we accomplish this is by mellowing out the first few traction bumps, and letting them gradually scale larger towards the center of the board (in the reverse camber section between your feet) and then gradually scale smaller out towards the contact points and heading into the traditional camber sections underneath your feet. This design really adds that most aggressive bite in the heart of your turn, but allows turn exit and entry to be smooth and fully in your control.

good wood award winner niche story snowboard

Extremely grateful for the Transworld team having set aside any skepticism, to see that the Story really does live up to its hype. Form truly was narrated by function! Check out the full review from their time testing at Snowbird, directly from Transworld, HERE.



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  • Rob Johnston

    Quite possibly the best board in the history of ever. I’ve been riding since ’86, and the Story blows everything out of the water.

  • Jamie

    couldn’t agree more man, i bought mine in Revelstoke at Society. In all my years…the $ i have spent on boards. This is hands down my favorite to date.

  • Max

    Same here! Most amazing board ever

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