Niche Snowboards.

Eco-Friendly Snowboards (not just a trending hashtag).

Since 2009 Niche Snowboards has been dedicated to providing the global snowboard community with a quality product whose environmental impact is lessened by thoughtful design, conscious material selection and the desire to craft quality snowboards.  We believe snowboarding and creativity go hand-in-hand, and are passionate about making boards that are lighter, snappier, and more durable than most traditionally constructed decks.

At Niche Snowboards, we’ve changed the way we think about the relationships between our materials, our environment, and ourselves.  We firmly believe that small steps, when multiplied by many people, can change the world.

Niche Snowboards is excited to announce the first 100% fully recyclable snowboard manufacturing, allowing all manufacturing waste and the product itself to be recycled and repurposed for reuse at the end of its product life cycle.  We have teamed up with Connora Technology and Entropy Resins to apply their Recyclamine® technology into our existing bio-resins to create game-changing new snowboards.