Real name:


Date of Birth:

July 8th

Setup (board, bindings, boots):

147 Theme and 148 knew, Now Binding, Celsius Climate

Regular or Goofy:


Home Mountain:

Waterville Valley

Years riding:



InI Coopertive, Now Bindings, Celsius, NeffSabre Eyewear

What song would you pick for a video segment:

No Angle or Demon by Witchcraft

What are you doing when not riding:

Fishin, hangin out with the boys, skateboardin, watching trailer park boys

What Superhero Power would you have:

Definitely be able to fly

What’s something only your mom would know:

When I was little my sisters would play dress up with me.

Athlete/Celebrity/Model you would want to date, if possible:

Kate Upton

Favorite Mythical Creature:


Favorite Bad Movie:

Fritz the Cat

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be:

British Columbia

Favorite Tricks:

switch backlip-270, backside 5 stalefish, Frontside blunt stale

Favorite meal after a day of shred:

Nothing can beat a good burger

Any hidden talents:

can clap with one hand.

What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

Day old Chinese food, water, milk

Were snowblades ever cool?

Was rollerblading ever cool?

Favorite pie?


Who’s your hero – dead or alive?

My dad, hes a boss

If you couldn’t snowboard what would you be doing?

College or painting houses

Anything else that we should know:

wanna say thanks to everyone that has helped me along this journey

Plugs (twitter, facebook, blog,etc):


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