2013/14 Niche Theme

From the pipes of the Ice Coast to the parks of Tahoe, the Niche Theme is a great all-around park board. The Theme is a true twin with a centered stance and medium flex. The Snappy Sap™ Bio-Resin combined with traditional camber give you more pop than you’ll know what to do with, and the Basalt Magma Fiber ensures your ride will be stable, smooth, and crazy lightweight! For those who want the benefits of having a great cambered, freestyle board, this one’s for you.

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Available Sizes:
148, 151, 154, 157

$479.00 MSRP

Traditional Camber

  • provides more stability, bomb proof landings, fast and responsive edge control and tons of pop

Medium Flex

  • fantastic flex profile for being able to do presses, yet stable enough to hit jumps

Basalt Magma Fiber Instead of Fiberglass

  • 15-20% higher tensile strength than regular fiberglass
  • better impact absorption, strength and elasticity
  • makes your board lighter because less is needed to make a snowboard

Snappy Sap™ Bio-resin

  • more elastic than normal resin
  • dampens vibrations
  • extremely high adhesion properties to help keep your board from delaminating

Digi-print topsheet

  • direct digital print, lacquer-free, matte finish topsheet

Sustainable Wood Core


  • recycled, beeswax modified base
  • recycled steel edges
  • recycled ABS sidewalls

Extruded Base

  • low maintenance and easy to repair

Michael Sieben Series Graphic

2 Year Warranty

We’ve got your back.

*make sure to register your board online and read warranty policy

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