2013/14 Niche Story 2.0

This board is great for tackling the entire mountain. Basalt Magma Fiber, Snappy Sap™ Bio-Resin and HempHop™ stringers make for an extremely lightweight, smooth, snappy ride and mid-stiff flex. With the addition of  Magnetraction and multi-camber this year – from icy runs to amazing pow days, this deck will take you anywhere and everywhere. With its blend of amazing eco-friendly technologies, the award-winning Story is a beautifully different kind of deck.

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Available Sizes:

156, 158, 162

$559.00 MSRP



  • camber medley, which gives you the benefits of reverse camber, while maintaining optimum pop and control
  • reverse camber between your feet, and camber zones extending to the contact points for a super loose, catch-free feel


  • adds contact points to give your edge more control and stability, especially in icy conditions
  • works like the serrated edge of a knife
  • fixes the “squirrely” feel that reverse camber boards can have

Mid-Stiff Flex

  • powerful, snappy and stable – get ready for a good time

Wood topsheet

  • all wood, bamboo topsheet
  • no lacquer or added chemicals required

Basalt Magma Fiber Instead of Fiberglass

  • 15-20% higher tensile strength than regular fiberglass
  • better impact absorption, strength and elasticity
  • makes your board lighter because less is needed to make a snowboard

Snappy Sap™ Bio-resin

  • more elastic than normal resin
  • dampens vibrations
  • extremely high adhesion properties to help keep your board from delaminating

Hemp Hop Stringers

  • used to replace carbon fiber because it has extremely similar characteristics
  • adds good pop and stability
  • dampens vibrations

Sustainable Wood Core


  • recycled, beeswax modified base
  • recycled steel edges
  • recycled ABS sidewalls

Sintered Base

  • fast, strong and smooth – like a good whiskey

2 Year Warranty

We’ve got your back.

*make sure to register your board online and read warranty policy

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Feb 27, 2014 by grant bowen

the niche story 2.0 is the best all mountain board i've ridden. it's super stable at high speeds, has tons of pop, and the magnetraction cuts through bomber snow conditions. love the bamboo topsheet along with the rest of the eco friendly specs!

Drops like a champ

Feb 26, 2014 by Steve

One of my favorite boards to take out on a powder day, or hell any day really. The magnetraction is perfect for those groomer sunny bluebird days while the shape and set back stance keeps you afloat in the deepest of pow. The greatest thing about this thing, dropping cliffs. The landings are soft and you can ride out anything with confidence!


Feb 19, 2014 by Jonny Sischo

I agree completely 100% that this board rips! So fast and so strong! I found my self cruising uphill in a foot of pow with no trouble at all. all my friends are so happy to have me lead the way on pow days! Thank you so much for making such a bad ass shred stick! The story was an amazing board before they added mag and multi camber, it is now the perfect slay stick! Keep up the good work ladies and gents! Go out and get yourself a Story 2.0 and see for yourself!

Sooo good

Jan 30, 2014 by Steve

When not riding in the backcountry, I'm still seeking powder in resort. This board does that and slays it so well! The float is incredibly fun, and drops cliffs like a champ. Highly suggest to anyone looking for a powder slayer...and for anyone who rides resorts on those crappy hard packed days. The magnetraction is bomber with that too.

Best all around snowboard eve made

Dec 18, 2013 by Highestmtn

I was someway scepticale about tying this snowboard coming from riding the aether in just about any condition. This board immediately blew me away with its responsiveness and ability to take a turn in any condition. With the multi camber and magna-traction this board iliminates the chatter you get from bombing down the hills and still gives you the ability to make precise carves without worrying about slipping out of your carve. Along with the basalt and hemp stringers it gives you a nice smooth ride along with great pop allowing you to conquer everything in its path.
I ride this board in every type of terrain be it backcountry, groomers, park riding and anything else you challenge it to. This board is a serious piece of wood that can take on anything you challenge it to. I highly recommend this board to anyone. It has the same great features as the aether but with added stability and more pop. This board is amazing for any type of riding and if I can get that 62 I'm afraid I don't think I can ever ride another board again.
Boss of all bosses enough said.

There's a new sheriff in town and it's the Story 2.0

Dec 09, 2013 by Adam Martin

Ever since I got my first board with MTX on it I never wanted wanted to go back. This left me with the notion that i was stuck with a certain brand for the rest of my riding life. But there's a new sheriff in the town of magnetraction and it's name is the Story 2.0

This board is absolutely amazing on groomers. My confidence in being able to butter and move from normal to switch has increased ten fold. If you like speed this is the board to get. Like the other reviewer mentioned, this thing absolutely RIPS down the slopes and will have your friends choking on the snow you kick up. I've never had so much confidence on a board at the speeds you can reach on it. The responsiveness and stiffness allow you to hold your edge and just bomb over the bumpy sections you may encounter. I am no longer the slow one of the pack and I want to say I have this board to thank for that.

After finally getting a powder day with this board and being able to do the trees with out fear of a core-shot, this is the best board I've ridden through the deep stuff. I feel so confident with my heel/toe transitions and when I want the board to bite, it does and won't slide out. Keeping the front tip up on this board is way easier than the ones I've ridden in the past, I think the multi-camber is the one to thank there. Staying above the powder almost seems effortless.

Niche, you guys have created one slick board here and I'm looking forward to riding this thing and progressing with it during the 13/14 riding season. "top notch, TOP NOTCH!"

Nov 18, 2013 by Scott

The Story's name is deceiving. Its beauty is a cover for its inner beast. I have never ridden a board so fast that none of my friends could keep up. I'm talking buddies who straightline big mountain backcountry being unable keep up at all. Its fast as hell. It shreds through the moguls, it doesn't go over them, its just cuts right through them. Little jibs are pointless on it. Its too fast and too powerful to do small tricks, it pops too high and lands full speed.

Its a monster. On cliff drops and big kickers, its right in its element. Sending it and snapping off lips like butter. Its just so fast, I'm afraid I might land on the flats.

I was not prepared to ride this board on my first day of the season. Not at all. It treats every run like its a double black and accelerates like a ferrari.

The board is a freak of nature. Its absurd. I've never ridden anything like it. I've never heard of anything like it. 10/10. Thank you. I look forward to slamming way harder than I ever have before.

Niche Snowboards , USA 5.0 5.0 7 7 the niche story 2.0 is the best all mountain board i've ridden. it's super stable at high speeds, has tons of pop, and the magnetraction cuts through bomber snow conditions. love t

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