15/16 Story


From icy runs to amazing pow days, this deck will take you anywhere and everywhere. The Basalt Magma Fiber, Snappy Sap™ Bio Resin and HempHop™ stringers make for a lightweight, smooth and snappy ride. Combined with Magnetraction, multi-camber, and a slightly setback stance – you’ve got a board that can tackle the entire mountain. With its blend of amazing eco-friendly technologies, the award-winning Story is a beautifully different kind of deck.

All Mountain
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Product Description

About The Art:

The artwork on the Story was done by Salt Lake City based artist, Travis Bone. It is printed on an oak wood veneer topsheet, and was inspired by the Ritual of Oak and Mistletoe. During this Celtic religious ritual, Druids would gather for a great ceremony, harvesting mistletoe with a golden sickle. Mistletoe is rare, and it was believed that mistletoe given in drink was an antidote to all poisons. In the eyes of Druids, nothing was more sacred than mistletoe and the tree on which it grew.



ISPO-Award  ShredCred95-2014-Award

Tech Specs

Length Sidecut Radius Effective Edge Tip Width Tip Length Waist Width Tail Width Tail length
156 7600 1190 299.3 200.0 258.0 299.3 200.0
158 7800 1205 303.4 205.0 262.0 303.4 205.0
162 7774 1216 307.1 214.0 265.0 307.1 214.0



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