16/17 Theme


From back lips to back 10’s, the Theme is a do-it-all park board. With a true twin shape, centered stance and medium flex, it will take your freestyle skills to the next level. The Snappy Sap™ Bio-Resin combined with camber zones give you more pop than you’ll know what to do with. The Basalt Magma Fiber ensures your ride will be stable, smooth and crazy lightweight! If you’re looking for a snappy, cambered twin companion, the Theme is for you.

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Product Description

The ultimate Park Board

The perfect companion for park riders that want a board with boat-loads of pop, that also presses like a dream.

Camber Dominant Hybrid

Traditional camber with a flatter mid-section. Provides more stability, tons of pop and responsive edge control.

Medium Flex

Supple yet snappy. True twin flex for both presses and pop. 5 of 10

Sintered Base

Fast, strong and smooth - like a good whiskey.

2yr Warranty.

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camber dominant hybrid
  • a modern update on the original classic
  • provides more stability, tons of pop, responsive edge control and will let you ride away without washing out
  • 2x traction bumps
  • adds edge contact pointsto give your board more edge control and stability, especially in icy conditions
  • .75 mm Traction Bumps in the binding area for added grip and enhanced carving ability
  • Basalt stringers
  • used to replace carbon fiber because of its similar characteristics ...and it’s more eco friendly!
  • adds pop and stability
  • dampens vibrations
  • snappy sap™ bio-resin
  • more elastic and snappier than normal resin
  • dampens vibrations
  • extremely high adhesion properties to help keep your board from delaminating
  • digi-print topsheet
  • direct digital print, lacquer free, matte finish topsheet
  • sintered uhmw sidewalls
  • super strong and adds extra vibration dampening to your ride
  • sustainable wood core
  • a combination of poplar, paulownia and bamboo
  • recycled base material
    Lengths Effective Edge sidecut Raduis waist width stance width
    149 1134 MM 7400 MM 250 MM 560 MM
    152 1164 MM 7550 MM 252 MM 560 MM
    155 1194 MM 7700 MM 254 MM 560 MM
    158 1220 MM 7850 MM 256 MM 560 MM


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