You don’t have to take our word for it – here is a collection of Niche Snowboards reviews and mentions in the press!

2013/14 Season’s Best Snowboards & Bindings – Supercompressor, Feb 2014

“The “niche” here is that its basically one of the greenest boards out there, sustainable and all that good stuff. What we weren’t expecting was a board that cruised as well as it did. It somewhat expectedly didn’t have all the makings for the best freestyle board — though it’s not a write-off, either — but the Magnetraction tech allowed it to carve just as well as others we tested, and even better than a few that have been in the space for a lot longer than Niche. This was definitely the most pleasant, well-rounded surprise of the field testing.”


2014 SIA Snow Show 60th Anniversary Recap – TransWorld Business, Jan 2014

“Definitely one of the coolest brands I saw at the show.” – Kailee Bradstreet


Best Snowboards of 2014 – Gear Patrol, Jan 2014

“Editor’s Pick: Niche Theme. It’s lightweight, responsive, stable, and has plenty of pop and impact absorption…”


2014 Grade Eh Board Awards Top 10 – Snowboard Canada, Jan 2014

“Super fun board to ride. The magnetraction provides amazing response and control. I was stoked to hear Niche is taking an environmental approach to their board construction!” – Rube Goldberg


2014′s Best Snowboard Gear Tested – Wired Magazine, Dec 2013

“…if you look at the board’s edges, you’ll notice that they’re wavy instead of straight. That’s visual evidence of what Niche calls “Magnetraction edges.” It sounds like so much jibber jabber, but it’s actually my favorite feature on the Aether. The wavy edges act like a serrated blade, cutting into snow and helping the board keep its traction during hard carves, giving a consistent feel whether I’m riding soft groomers or sparse, icy runs.


 The Art Of Snowboarding. Literally.  –  Outside Magazine, Dec 2013

“When Momentum Media came to Santa Fe to introduce Outside to Niche Snowboards, we were wowed by the company’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly products. But what really caught our eye were the boards’ elaborate graphics, which were inspired by everything from the Wasatch Mountains to Nordic culture. We wanted to find out more, so we talked to Ana Van Pelt, creative director at Niche. Here’s what she said, as told to Whitney Dreier:…”


Winter Gear Guide: Featured Skis & Snowboards  –  Elevation Outdoors Magazine, Dec 2013

“Salt Lake City-based Niche impressed us with this versatile board that can just as easily float throgh a big day at Snowbird as it can play around in the park. It’s got the stability…”


2013 Ski & Ride Guide from MadeMan  –, Nov 2013

“Thanks to eco-friendly features like Hemp Hop Stringers and a Sustainable Wood Core, the Story lets you crush everything from…”


Today In Gear: Nov 25, 2013  –  Gear Patrol, Nov 2013

“Niche is a snowboard company run by people who snowboard. They’re dedicated to lighter and more responsive products, which translates directly to a better time on the slopes…”


Top 10 Snowboard Graphics of 2014  –  Snowboard Magazine, Nov 2013

“In order to up the ante year over year, board companies put in the hours to seek out top artists and create shreddable works of art. Now it’s time to give credit where credit is due, and show off the graphics that we consider to be the best of 2014…”


Niche Snowboards | Eco Ride  –  City Home Collective | Salt Lake Living, Nov 2013

 “Before NICHE made their eco-friendly, design-forward boards, months of testing happened. Nobody wants a “green” snowboard that can’t perform. NICHE hit the good-intentions jackpot…”


Live Green SLC! Festival  –  ABC 4 News, May 2013

“Each year new vendors are added to strengthen existing product offerings and to provide exciting opportunities for the public to learn about green resources in the community. More than 100 exhibitors and 5,000 attendees have participated in previous years, including a variety of businesses that share the vision of providing green guidance for environmentally-conscious living…”


Earth Day Spotlight: Niche Snowboards  -  The Liftchair, Apr 2013

“It seems that I have seen the brand everywhere and with good reason; the company has taken the initiative in understanding that the public will support whole-heartedly a company and a product that offers quality and a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. You can see this commitment in everyone and everything related to the company. And by working in this manner, they are definitely true to their name.”


35 Reasons To Hit The Slopes  -  GQ Magazine, Feb 2013

“Because there is a snowboard for every personality…”


Niche Snowboards: Snowboarding’s Green Thumb – Slug Magazine, Feb 2013

“In 2009, Salt Lake City got a little bit greener. ‘Simply put, we make boards that have a positive impact on the planet and snowboard industry,’ Van Pelt says. Now, big claims can hardly come without big proof, and Niche has lots of it, inside and out…”


The 25 Best Snowboard Graphics Right Now – Complex Magazine, Jan 2013

“Yeti graphics and snowboarding kind of go hand-in-hand towards played out territory, but Michael Sieben straight kills it for Niche Snowboards by flipping the script a little…”


Niche, Eco-Friendly Snowboards With Steez –, Dec 2012

“At Niche Snowboards, they’re starting to realize their vision for the future by changing the way they think about the relationships between their materials, the environment, and themselves…”


Boards of the Week –, Dec 2012


Company Spotlight: Niche Snowboards –, Oct 2012

“There are plenty of board companies that boast their contribution to the industry and environment, as well as their familial persona. The list of who can actually back up their touts is lowered to a handful. But maybe just one can say they were founded with these ideals in mind. That one could be Niche Snowboards…”


Interview with Niche Creative Director, Ana Van Pelt –, Jun 2012

“…It’s really awesome to see people stoked on and supporting something you’ve created, and one of the most gratifying feelings I’ve experienced. Especially since we are genuinely trying to create something that betters our industry and helps support the environment that allows us all to enjoy snowboarding in the first place.”


Shred On Mag x Niche Snowboards – Shred On Magazine, May 2012

“ShredOn Mag clearly backs this eco standpoint up and we’re super stoked to team up with Niche…”


Niche Knew Snowboard Review –, May 2012

“Whatever Niche is doing with their Hemp Hop stringers was amazeballs. The Knew really had an insane amount of pop, it blew me away the first time I went for the rail and was way too high.”

“The Niche Knew was a surprisingly serviceable all-around board so don’t pigeonhole it as a “park” only board. Versatile enough for someone who is spending 50%+ of time in the park but still dabbles on the rest of the mountain and is looking for a one board quiver. This board is going to be best for intermediate and advanced riders who spend a good amount of time in the park but are looking for a do-it-all board, but it’s forgiving flat rocker and medium flex would also be something that a beginner could use and grow in to.”


Niche Welcomes Courtney Cox To The Team –

“Niche snowboards is pleased to announce their newest team rider, Courtney Cox.”


Niche team rider Courtney Cox 2011/12 Season Edit –


9 Things We Like About the Niche Theme (in Dutch) –


Niche Snowboards Wins ISPO Eco Award - Snowboard Green, Mar 2012

“Niche Snowboards has earned the Eco Award for sustainable innovation and eco-responsibility in the snow sports hardware category for their 2012-13 all-mountain freestyle snowboard model, the Story, by the leading international sports business network ISPO.”


Video: Aether 2013 – Board Insiders, Feb 2012


Niche Snowboards Test Video (in Dutch) –


Keeping It Green on the Slopes –, Dec 2011

“Niche Snowboards has built a name for itself since the company launched in 2011 with a focus on responsible snowboard manufacturing. Although it makes a minimal impact on the environment, it dominates on the mountain. Using organic volcanic basalt on the inside, the Theme holds better strength than fiberglass and helps absorb the shock impact when stomping tricks in the park. The sustainable poplar wood core and recycled base material are sandwiched together with uber-gluey bio resin and held in place with recycled steel edges, resulting in a process that reduces the overall factory waste. Plus, sharp graphics by lowbrow illustrator Michael Sieben are digitally printed onto the top sheet in lieu of toxic, glossy lacquers.”


Eco-Friendly Niche Snowboards – Snowboard Mag, Oct 2011

“…production is done through GST, a company known for high quality manufacturing while lowering their impact on the environment which makes them a perfect match for Niche.”


Niche Teaser Trailer Video – The Grind / Tactics, Jul 2011


Brand Spotlight: Niche Snowboards – The Grind / Tactics, Mar 2011

“The boys and girls over at Niche have dug deep to find technologies, materials, and processes that have a minimal impact on our environment, are sustainable, and will continue to be available even after oil is a thing of the past”

“We don’t know how they do it but we are backing it bigtime! Just ask any of our shop staff or team riders, who demoed these boards and didn’t shut the hell up till we placed an order for more.”


Review of Niche Aether – Mountain Enthusiast, Mar 2011

 “An all-around, mountain dominator… It is a much thinner board than what I am use to giving it a much lighter feel to it.  My old board would give me some serious foot pains, on the Aether, DOESN’T EXIST.  I think this is due to the sheer load off my feet.  Furthering on that note, its turnability is outstanding!  I can shred through trees much cleaner and cruise through them (well, around them actually) with confidence.  I have taken it into the limited park riding that I have done this year and it handles nicely.  I feel like I became a much better park rider with the flick of a switch by simply switching to this board, and it is not even their park monster board!”


Niche Snowboards Product Review – Angry Snowboarder, Mar 2011


Board Preview & Interview – Transworld Business, Jan 2011

Green: Niche Snowboards – Shred Betties, Feb 2011

“Even as a new company, Niche has been making a huge impact through innovation in board materials and construction techniques that reduce the harmful effects of snowboarding on our planet…”


Niche Snowboards Takes Sustainability Up A Notch – Transworld Business, Dec 2010


Women in the industry: Ana Van Pelt  -  Shred Betties, Feb 2010


Niche Snowboards  -  Snowboard Green, Jan 2010

“Niche is a new snowboard company out of Salt Lake City, Utah committed to doing everything they can to be as eco-friendly as possible while making quality snowboards…”

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