“Definitely one of the coolest brands I saw at the SIA Snow Show. The Niche Snowboards collection for next season looks solid.”

– Kailee Bradstreet

“If you look at the board’s edges, you’ll notice that they’re wavy instead of straight. That’s visual evidence of what Niche calls “Magnetraction edges.” It sounds like so much jibber jabber, but it’s actually my favorite feature on the Aether. The wavy edges act like a serrated blade, cutting into snow and helping the board keep its traction during hard carves, giving a consistent feel whether I’m riding soft groomers or sparse, icy runs.“

– Billy Brown

“Super fun board to ride. The magnatraction provides amazing response and control. I was stoked to hear Niche is taking an environmental approach to their board construction!”

– Rube Goldberg

“When Momentum Media came to Santa Fe to introduce Outside to Niche Snowboards, we were wowed by the company’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly products. But what really caught our eye were the boards’ elaborate graphics, which were inspired by everything from the Wasatch Mountains to Nordic culture.”

– Whitney Dreier

“Niche continues to make boards that look as good as they ride.”


“There are plenty of board companies that boast their contribution to the industry and environment, as well as their familial persona. The list of who can actually back up their touts is lowered to a handful. But maybe just one can say they were founded with these ideals in mind. That one could be Niche Snowboards.”

– Josh Ruggles